MLK…..Milk Minus the Moo.

MLK - Milk minus the Moo

MLK – Milk minus the Mo

I honestly can’t remember the last time I tasted something so unexpectedly delicious!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE almond milk, but apart from the really processed ones, aren’t they all pretty similar? No! These ones from The Good Little Cook are without question the best I’ve ever tasted, and more importantly, they get a big thumbs up from my Little Love.

These are made from pure filtered water and 20% raw activated almonds – a hell of a lot more than you’ll find in some big name brands. You won’t find any hidden nasties here either. There are absolutely no refined sugar, preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilisers. Granted they don’t have as long a shelf life but I don’t know about you, I like my food fresh so don’t consider this an issue.

The original comes in 3 sizes: 1 litre (€5.50), 500ml (€4.50) and 250ml (€3.00), and Beetroot, Carob come in 250ml (€3.50).

As I’m sure you know, these can be used exactly like “normal” milk….think tea/coffee, cereal, smoothies, ice cream etc. The flavoured ones (pictured) are a fantastic stand-alone product. My Little Love can expect them to make an appearance in her school bag and her Sunday dinner wine glass!! I bought these at Sonas Health Foods in Newcastle West and they are also available at Mahon Point Farmers Market on Thursdays. Did I mention that they are local? Proudly made in County Limerick…..another reason to love them for sure!

So where do I stand personally on the dairy issue?

While I don’t subscribe to a “one-size-sits-all” mentality when it comes to diet and lifestyle, I do believe that there are a lot of benefits to eliminating dairy. Many people have a sensitivity to lactose, the natural sugar in milk, because they don’t have the enzyme (lactase) needed to break it down. It is present in raw milk, but unfortunately the pasteurisation process kills it off. We have been brought up to believe that dairy is an essential source of calcium, but there is a large body of research emerging, that questions it’s bioavailability in the human body. We need to acknowledge the use of pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones in agriculture, all of which can potentially end up in the finished products. And what of the animal welfare and environmental issues?

Clearly there is a lot to be considered and I think it is definitely worth experimenting. After all you won’t be required to take the dairy free equivalent of a pioneer pledge! And who knows you might be pleasantly surprised if digestive disorders and skin complaints start to clear up.

MLK from The Good Little Cook is a great place to start your dairy free adventures. Go get some today!

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