A Change of Direction

Life is strange….you literally never know what’s around the corner.



This time last year, when I started this blog on the recommendation of IIN, I was studying to be a Health Coach. At that time, I had every intention of setting up a clinical practice. I love health & nutrition and I really wanted to help others. Perfect right? The only thing was, that as the time progressed I felt less and less drawn to this type of coaching.

I tried to ignore these feelings, making excuses, thinking that maybe I was just afraid of change. But I knew deep down that wasn’t it….my life has had constant change, and I’ve always embraced it with open arms……so no, change didn’t scare me. Perhaps it was guilt? After all I had invested heavily (financially & otherwise), to get this education. I had left a business & a business partner in order to dedicate myself fully to it. I had told anyone who would listen, how much I loved the course and how I was going to be a Health Coach. It was a badge I wore with pride.

On consideration, I decided to allow myself some time to figure it all out. Maybe I would just keep blogging for now and see where it would take me…..but to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure the world needs another health blog. There are sooo many out there already. All the blogging advice you read says that you must speak in your own voice and from the heart. Good advice no doubt, but when you sit to write an article about the health benefits of such & such, don’t you just find yourself regurgitating what you’ve learnt, and what has been posted on numerous health blogs, numerous times before?? That began to feel like a hell of a lot of work, not a single bit fun and not how I wanted to spend my time!

Life is short no matter how long you live. It’s to be celebrated and enjoyed, and for seeking out happiness where ever you can. There is no shame in changing your mind…..the shame lies in knowing you have and not doing anything about it.

I am just as passionate about health & nutrition as I ever was, and I will continue to write here, but from now on, it will be from the heart and not what I think is expected of me! I’m looking forward to my new adventures, and to bringing you all along for the ride. And most importantly, I am looking forward to living My “Life Less Ordinary”

Love & Leafy Greens,



Honouring Jess Ainscough (and How You Can, Too)

I really want to share this beautiful post by Tara Bliss

Honouring Jess Ainscough (and How You Can, Too).

Why I will never pay money into cancer charities…..

This is a much more detailed post about cancer prevention from Andrea Cullen. Please, please take the time to read it-this information is so valuable.


Andrea Cullen


Pre-note: Since I wrote this article this blog has gone viral, as has naked selfies and donationsvia text andFacebook. If I may add a few more comments and links before people read my article:

My intention in writing my article was to provide education into prevention. Prevention being the things that people can do now in their daily lives to protect and preserve good health and create a sense of empowerment and a feeling that positive actions do make a difference. Because they do. Also it is important that the truth is shed on the interplay of genes and cancer. As the quote says: genesload the gun, environmentpulls the trigger.



I am not going down the rabbit hole here about what treatments to follow, or telling people not to do health checks etc. We have to live by our own choices and we all have the freedom to make…

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How about a #NoMakeUpSelfie for #CancerPREVENTION??

Over the last 48 hour hours my Facebook news feed has been flooded with friends and family posting their Selfies, sans Make-up, for cancer research. It seems the whole country is on board. So far over €200,000 has been raised, and that’s an impressive sum when you consider the average donation is only €4!

It got me thinking though; what if €200,000 was invested in cancer prevention? Instead of closing the metaphorical stable door after the horse has bolted, and being constantly  one step behind, why don’t we concentrate on being healthier? Research put forth in one of my lectures this week by Dr Joel Fuhrman, suggests that simply including green vegetables, mushrooms, onions and green tea in the diet, has the combined effect of lowering cancer risk by well over 50%! How many of us actually know this, and why exactly is this information not widely available in mainstream media?  You can read more about Dr. Joel’s work here and I highly recommend that you do.

To date, billions have been invested in cancer research, but yet ,cancer rates continue to grow year on year. It seems to me that it is high time we started to invest in cancer PREVENTION, and that we put at least part of the money towards education and food policy change. We need to start being Proactive instead of Reactive.

I’m all for cancer research. I am eternally grateful for those who have made it their life’s work to find a cure for this terrible disease, that has affected so many families, including my own.  Ask any cancer patient and I’m sure they would tell you that they would have done anything possible to avoid it, had they all the information. And so it is, that I want to fly the flag for cancer PREVENTION.

I have been nominated to take part in the social media craze, but as of yet have not done so. I want us all to start thinking differently about our health and the diseases that affect us. Let us not only think about cancer research, but also about cancer prevention. Equal importance needs to be placed on both these life saving strategies.

So here it is, my take on the   #NoMakeUPSelfie, but this one is for #CancerPREVENTION