My IIN journey so far

I originally started this blog to share my experiences as I train to be a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Now that I’ve reached the end of my first 12 weeks, I think this is a good time to write about my journey so far.

The Beginning

Before signing up with IIN, I was already a fully qualified nutritionist, having completed my training with a college in Dublin. I was anxious to further my education and I began to do some research online. IIN kept cropping up, and I must admit that although I was intrigued, I was also hesitant. Health Coaching is alive and well in the US, but it is still a very new concept here in Ireland.  Despite this though, I found myself coming back to their website again & again. Eventually I decided to bite the bullet & go for it!


The enrollment process could not have been easier. Once I’d expressed my interest I got a warm email from Coach Blair who told me she’d have a member of the team call me at a time that was convenient for me.  I spoke to a lovely girl named Tara who answered all my questions for me & who took my registration details over the phone. I gave her my full name, postal address & preferred payment method details. The whole process took less than 15 minutes! Immediately after our call, I was sent the contract to look over & once I’d agreed to the terms & conditions I was officially enrolled! I also received information regarding the schools app, how to download it &  what devices it works best with.  A fortnight later, I was so excited to receive my welcome pack in the post, which was full of IIN goodies.


Prior to officially starting the course, I had access to what IIN refers to as the “Fundamentals”. This is a great introduction to the program & to IIN’s teaching methods. At this time I was also invited to the official student support group on Facebook & encouraged to start connecting with some of my future classmates. The program launched for my class on February 10th, & every monday a new module is released onto the app. These are a combination of audio lectures, video lectures, reading materials & health coaching resources.  I also have 24 hour access to a dietary theory & reference library, as well as our online education forum where students can network & delve deeper into the weeks material. As if all of that wasn’t enough, I have a college assigned Health Coach to work with for the duration of my training, a study group & I have & I am a peer coach. The whole program is so interactive-I truly love it!


The course is divided into 40 modules, with an exam to be completed online after every 10. You will need to pass each of these. Also you must complete 6 out of 12 coaching calls (with your assigned Health Coach) & submit 6 health histories. Honestly though, the support you’ll receive from IIN along the way makes all of this 100% doable!

More information

If there is anything else you’d like to know, I urge you to get in touch ( I’ll be delighted to help any which way I can. In the mean time, you can check out more below. Trust me, if  you’ve been considering Health Coaching or the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for a while, and decide to give it a go, you will absolutely NOT regret it!

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