A little taste of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

What are you doing this weekend?

I do not intend to leave my house & I’m so excited about it!!

The IIN conference is live from New York City, & I will be streaming all weekend. For any of you interested in experiencing the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for yourself, this is your chance. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear from the schools founder, Joshua Rosenthal, as well as some of the major players in the world of Health & Wellness. Dr Oz & Dr Lissa Rankin, anyone? Functional medicines Dr Mark Hyman? Don’t even get me started on the internet Rock Stars that are Marie Forleo & Mastin Kipp. I literally can not wait!

IIN have invited us to share this experience with family & friends, so I urge you now to sign up for this amazing event  below. Do NOT miss this golden opportunity!

Sign up here


What then?

If you love what you see (which you will!) & would like to hear more about the school, drop me a line & I can invite you to a  FREE Q&A session happening on May 22nd at 7pm (Gmt). During this call, Coach Sharon will discuss the following:

· the top 5 most common misconceptions about health coaching
· the differences between Registered Dieticians and Health Coaches
· how health coaching has grown as a profession
· Plus, her insider tips for building a practice

This must be how Charlie felt!

Have I mentioned how excited I am?! I feel like Charlie when he found that golden ticket; except obviously (ahem!) I’m a trainee Health Coach & neither Willie Wonka nor his chocolate factory hold any power over me!

New York City on the other hand………

Next year for sure!!


Why I will never pay money into cancer charities…..

This is a much more detailed post about cancer prevention from Andrea Cullen. Please, please take the time to read it-this information is so valuable.


Andrea Cullen


Pre-note: Since I wrote this article this blog has gone viral, as has naked selfies and donationsvia text andFacebook. If I may add a few more comments and links before people read my article:

My intention in writing my article was to provide education into prevention. Prevention being the things that people can do now in their daily lives to protect and preserve good health and create a sense of empowerment and a feeling that positive actions do make a difference. Because they do. Also it is important that the truth is shed on the interplay of genes and cancer. As the quote says: genesload the gun, environmentpulls the trigger.



I am not going down the rabbit hole here about what treatments to follow, or telling people not to do health checks etc. We have to live by our own choices and we all have the freedom to make…

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This Bread WILL Change Your Life!

A big part of my IIN education stems from the concept of bio-individuality. One mans meat, is another mans poison so to speak! We are encouraged to experiment, experiment, experiment. What better way to figure out what works best for us?

So taking this into consideration, I have committed to trying out all those deliciously tempting recipes I have been hungrily pinning to Pinterest boards for a while now. Time to get out of my imaginary kitchen & into my real one!

I have wanted to try this recipe for “Life Changing Bread” for the longest time, and believe me, it was oh so worth it! You end up with a loaf that is jam-packed with nutritious ingredients and is flour, egg & refined sugar-free!  Gluten free too if you use oats that are specifically labelled as such. Devised by the amazing Sarah from www.mynewroots.org you can find the recipe here. You NEED to check out her site-it is sooo beautiful & inspiring. Until then here’s photographic evidence of my first attempt…….