If Superman Ate Breakfast………

(Following is a review I wrote on Iswari’s latest breakfast range. You can find it on their website here)


“I have been a huge fan of Iswari Superfoods Ireland for some time. I love their ethics & their philosophy and I really love the fact that they’ve brought incredibly clean, not to mention fairly priced, superfoods to our Emerald Isle. For quite a few years now, my pantry has been well stocked with a number of their products-from wheatgrass to bee pollen & everything in between. I’m sure you can appreciate how excited I was to hear of the preeminent launch of their new breakfast range!

As a nutritionist, & soon to be holistic health coach, I am always looking for ways to pack a nutritional punch in my clients diets, but without disrupting their all too busy schedules. The “Super Oats” & “Buddhas Awakening” products really fit the bill! Not only are they brimming with nutritious superfoods, many are organic to boot, & all are refined sugar, dairy & gluten free! It doesn’t stop there though; they literally take seconds to prepare. Just add water or milk of your choice, stir & enjoy. Even the busiest amongst us can manage that!

Here’s some advice to help you decide which to try first. Have you recently made health & wellness a priority in your life? Start with Banana Bliss. Are you looking to increase protein & omegas? Try the products with Hemp. Are you facing a particularly busy time, or do you normally lead a stressful life? Think Maca & Vanilla. Want something a little more indulgent? Reach for the Raw Cacao. This range literally has something for everyone.

My personal favourite is Buddha’s Awakening Chocolate Hit. It makes such a decadent, guilt free breakfast, and I can honestly say it easily keeps hunger pangs at bay until lunchtime. Can I let you in on a little secret though? I haven’t confined it to just the breakfast table! I’ve eaten it as a satisfying snack at different times of the day. I’ve added it to everything from smoothies, to avocado mousse, to homemade energy balls. I’ve even used it, along with Iswari Fruits of Love & Seeds of Wisdom, as a topping for coconut yoghurt. What’s more, I’m sure I will be coming up with plenty more ways to add it to my diet!

Two of the biggest concerns my clients have regarding breakfast, are lack of variety, and the amount of time needed to prepare it. I think it’s safe to say that this range confidently addresses both these issues. Now go get yourself some, before it all ends up squirreled away in my cupboard!”

Iswari currently have a special offer where you can buy a breakfast trio for only €25. You can find it here.

Buddhas Trio