This Bread WILL Change Your Life!

A big part of my IIN education stems from the concept ofΒ bio-individuality. One mans meat, is another mans poison so to speak! We are encouraged to experiment, experiment, experiment. What better way to figure out what works best for us?

So taking this into consideration, I have committed to trying out all those deliciously tempting recipes I have been hungrily pinning to Pinterest boards for a while now. Time to get out of my imaginary kitchen & into my real one!

I have wanted to try this recipe for “Life Changing Bread” for the longest time, and believe me, it was oh so worth it! You end up with a loaf that is jam-packed with nutritious ingredients and is flour, egg & refined sugar-free! Β Gluten free too if you use oats that are specifically labelled as such. Devised by the amazing Sarah from,Β Β you can find the recipe here. You NEED to check out her site-it is sooo beautiful & inspiring. Until then here’s photographic evidence of my first attempt…….