Why I will never pay money into cancer charities…..

This is a much more detailed post about cancer prevention from Andrea Cullen. Please, please take the time to read it-this information is so valuable.


Andrea Cullen


Pre-note: Since I wrote this article this blog has gone viral, as has naked selfies and donationsvia text andFacebook. If I may add a few more comments and links before people read my article:

My intention in writing my article was to provide education into prevention. Prevention being the things that people can do now in their daily lives to protect and preserve good health and create a sense of empowerment and a feeling that positive actions do make a difference. Because they do. Also it is important that the truth is shed on the interplay of genes and cancer. As the quote says: genesload the gun, environmentpulls the trigger.



I am not going down the rabbit hole here about what treatments to follow, or telling people not to do health checks etc. We have to live by our own choices and we all have the freedom to makeโ€ฆ

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